Functional Experience

Head label description:

-I: Construction site

-O:Exit site

-N:No helmet

-W:Carry a helmet, but don't wear it

Red frame: No safety cap

Green frame: Safety helmet

Top left corner information description:

IN: Number of workers entering the construction site

OUT:Number of people without safety helmet

N:Number of people without safety helmet

W:Carry a helmet, but no number of people wear it

Application scenarios

Construction site camera

To alarm those who do not wear safety helmet and those who do not conform to the standard, it can provide real-time gate for personnel data analysis and generate statistical reports.

Video Backend Analysis

There are many video surveillance scenarios, which can assist users to do a good job in the analysis of large video data and extract effective information from massive data. Through automatic identification of personnel and irregularities, the on-site supervision can be effectively guaranteed.

Technical characteristics

1080P High Definition Real-time Detection and Tracking

Based on pure C++ development, with a wide range of device compatibility

Analytical reports can be generated

Begin to use AI Safety Cap Detection

According to our introductory guide, you can easily experience AI Safety Cap Detection with a few mouse clicks.

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