Introduction to Functions

The service compares the similarities of uploaded faces and determines whether they belong to the same person. It can be used in Internet banking, insurance, access control and other fields. The real-time accuracy on LFW data sets is over 95%.

Functional Experience

First, click the blue picture button to upload the picture. Then the face box in the picture becomes red, and the recognition result is given by the system.

Support file formats:.Png,.jpg,.jpeg,.bmp,.webp; maximum support file is 80MB.

Drag the image to this area, or click upload directly.

Recognition results

Application scenarios

Certificate Verification Machine

The ID card chip photograph is compared with the face collected on the spot, and the identification is completed by the off-line ID card comparison with the live detection. It can be widely used in government affairs, hotel front desk, customs clearance, etc.

Face Access Control/Gate Machine

Through off-line face search, passer-by identity verification is completed, and interference of network factors is avoided to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the business. It can be applied to the entrance guard of commercial buildings, District gates, etc.

Technical characteristics

High accuracy

The recognition accuracy can reach more than 95%.

High compatibility

Based on pure C++ development, it has a wide range of device compatibility.


Output Visualization, Editable Face 3D Model.

Begin to use Face Recognition

According to our introductory guide, you can easily experience Face Recognition with a few mouse clicks.

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