Introduction to Functions

Using in-depth learning technology,Judging the degree of violence involved in a picture,Given separately war Scene、Riot scenes、Bloody scenes、Weapon or Weapon Holder、Special Symbols、Special Dressed Person、Normal three confidence scores、Users can use confidence score to automatically filter irregular images according to business needs、Avoiding product risk in time、Reduce audit manpower cost by a large margin.

Functional Experience

Support file formats:.Png,.jpg,.jpeg,.bmp,.webp; maximum support file is 80MB.

Drag the image to this area, or click upload directly.

Application scenarios

Video Audit

Video, live broadcasting and other multimedia frame extraction detection can quickly and efficiently detect non-conforming videos and quickly eliminate the risk of product violence.

Photo Audit

It can check the pictures uploaded by users, avoid users uploading images that do not conform to the specifications, and ensure that the quality of product content can be controlled.

Technical characteristics

High accuracy

The accuracy rate can reach 99.5%, and the average review rate is less than 5%.

High Performance

Real-time monitoring for 7 * 24 hours revealed the millisecond response of terrorist content.

Wide coverage

Hundreds of billions of sample data resources are accumulated, and a large number of irregular data sample content is abundant.

Begin to use Violent Terror Identification

According to our introductory guide, we can easily experience violent terror recognition with a few mouse clicks.

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